AJ, Jim and Hatch

Children are gifts, the greatest of gifts we believe. And much to our delight, A Mother's Arms debuts its infant clothing line this summer and our commitment to ending pediatric cancer. The marketplace of motherhood never knew such giving.

As we've learned, a child can be the inspiration to give. I am Amy Jo Osborn, founder of A Mother's Arms, clothing for a cause. And I'd love to tell you my story.

August of 2006, my husband and I gave birth to our firstborn son, Austin Hatcher Osborn. We called him "Hatch." He was a boy of calm spirit and bright eyes. At only 8-weeks-old, Hatch was diagnosed with one of the most rare and aggressive forms of pediatric cancer.

My husband and I can distinctly remember where we were when the news of Hatch's brain tumors were delivered. We remember the unspeakable agony and the days of bad news that followed. In a span of less than two weeks, our world flipped upside down. The doctors let us bring Hatch home, where he passed away after a week wrapped in our arms.

The loss of a child is profound. We, the parents of a baby girl, Zoe Osborn born August 27th, believe this deep sorrow mirrors the overwhelming joy children bring into the world.

In this spirit, we began A Mothers Arms, founding the clothing line upon a celebration of kids and their inherent wonder. Offering hand-sewn coveralls, bodysuits, and shirts in a kimono-style, A Mother‘s Arms stitches the company's spirit into the soft garments.

The kimono-style mimics the arms of loving parents. It fits us perfectly. And, the look offers shoppers a variation in fashion with a continued tailors' attention to quality.

Made from prized Peruvian cotton, fabrics have the fine luster and silky smoothness compatible to a newborn's skin. Items feel like a luxury but carry the simple and casual look of life at home.

I think few things are as fun to buy as baby garments. And, with A Mother's Arms, the gifts mean much more than an outfit.

With each purchase, you're helping pave the road to a carefree, cancer-free childhood for all.

I do believe the loss of one can inspire life. Out of our loss comes; A Mother's Arms. Join Us.


Amy Jo Osborn / Founder & Designer